clienteODBC 0.4.x
Disclaimer for English speakers

As you can read, my english is too poor to write a documnet like this. I'm not a native speaker and my in-day use of english is very very limited.
But I think this program can help you. And I'll do my best. If you want to translate this document into a most formal english, you are welcome.
Anaway, I beg you pardon


clienteODBC is an application for connecting databases throught ODBC datasources.

This application comes from author's need of having a MS SQL Server™ client on UNiX™ platforms

Another reason is that the author wants to learn Qt4.5 programming. Qt from Qt Software™.
This library selection has demostrated to be a good choice due to the great portability that Qt offers and the great set of examples that this library comes with.

Indeed, clienteODBC is based and inspired by the sqlbrowswer demo that comes with Qt distribution.

clienteODBC has been tested on GNU/LiNUX and Windows platforms on his 0.2 release. It wont be a big problem to compile on other platforms supported by Qt as FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc...


  1. ODBC Configuration
  2. clienteODBC usage
  3. TODO list
  4. Credits

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