clienteODBC 0.4.x
How to configure ODBC connections

Whether it is the first time you execute clienteODBC or whether you want to add a new DSN datasource to clienteODBC, you must open the DSN Connection Editor window:
( Menú->Configuration->DSN Connections)

Conexiones DSN

This makes DSN Connections window shows
Editor Conexiones DSN

On this window we can add, edit or delete DSNs.
No changes are saved until we push the Accept buttom.

When adding a new DSN, a Editor DSN window is showed:

Editor DSN

In this window whe input DSN's data
After accepting, the new DSN (or the changes we made on it) will be show on DSN Connections window:
Editor DSN

We can add so many DSSs as we want.

The next step is to connect to the new DSN we have already created..
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